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My Favorite Pottery Studio Items

Skutt Kiln - I have the 1018 model, its nice and spacious. I'm a Skutt customer for life, their customer service and help line is unbeatable when you need to maintain your kiln or troubleshoot an issue. The newer electronic kilns are certainly incredible, but an older manual kiln will do the trick too! They are hard to find used online these days, but worth keeping an eye out for!

Studio Pro Bats - Perfect for mugs and smaller items, they store well and help maximize space if you don't have lots of studio shelves. Make sure to get a few regular sized bats for bowls and plates if you plan to make large items! 

Laguna Pacifica GT 400 Wheel - I got my wheel used from someone local, and she's a trooper. 

Handheld Extruder - I have the one from Georgies, but there are many similar out there! 

With the extruder you'll want the perfect handle dies. For me, I love my set from Old Forge Creations

Giffin Grip - I have the regular size and couldn't imagine life without it.... I'll definitely be getting the mini next! 

Home Depot Buckets - The perfect height with a cushion to use as a stool for my wheel... 5 gallons works great for glazes and glaze chemical storage, mixing slip, and so much more. Can never have enough buckets.